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1)       Scientific dissemination of Fingerprints.

2)       Virtual training online.

3)       Dissemination of Publications on the Internet.

4)       Unification of criteria.

5)       Standardization of procedures.

6)       Elaboration of protocols

7)       Conformation of Vocabularies

8)       Implementation of a single scientific language


  1. Carry out debates and surveys to the associates.

  1. Carry out, directly or indirectly, for their own account or for others, alone or through consortia, temporary unions or strategic alliances with non-governmental organizations or  Civil society organizations or public or private entities, national or foreign, all those activities aimed at: Projecting, executing, managing, coordinating, controlling or evaluating plans, programs or projects, aimed at seeking the updating of the associates and that of the individuals.

  1. Develop and support research on issues related, directly or indirectly, with the main objective of THE CORPORATION,

  1. Develop dissemination programs at a scientific level, of CORPORATIONS of a social nature  and forensic or any other entity, on the matters contemplated in the corporate objective of THE CORPORATION.

  1. Design and develop  financing and co-financing mechanisms, investments at the national level,  necessary for the financing and support of the CORPORATION, its activities and projects, using in both cases the cooperation systems,  administration  resource delegate,  or any other means.

  1. Join, merge, participate in temporary unions, consortiums and draw up agreements with other natural or legal persons that develop the same or similar object and in general carry out all the procedures or operations aimed at guaranteeing financial stability and the development of their activities and programs. 

  1. Endorse scientific research, protocols, procedures and programs that have a direct relationship with the corporate purpose of THE CORPORATION, to increase the capacities, skills and knowledge of the community, promoting democracy, peaceful coexistence and citizen and community participation.

  1. Carry out other activities and economic operations, related from or directly to the corporate purpose, for the development of the same, the well-being of the associates and the acquisition of property, personal and real estate of THE CORPORATION.

  1. Have the support of all its members, to make final decisions directly related to the corporate purpose of THE CORPORATION

  1. Carry out all kinds of events, in the country or abroad, that contribute to the fulfillment of this corporate purpose.

  1. Support, sponsor and / or facilitate the execution of ideas presented by individuals or groups, whose purposes and objectives are consistent with those of the CORPORATION.

  1. Any other activity that has a direct relationship with the corporate purpose of THE CORPORATION and that serves for its strengthening and projection.

ENROLLMENT  # 9000502756

Nit registration. 900473002-9

Legal Status 10264,

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